I wanted to show you this wooden scale model made by my father, Josep Ors Camañas from Castellar del Vallès. This model made to scale presents the Sagrada Familia once it is completely finished and illustrates the splendour of this architectonic work perfectly; the building works that exist up to now are almost insignificant with regard to the work that still has to be terminated.

My father is a retired carpenter who has been creating all kind of works in wood, such as the construction of navigable ship scale models for almost 20 years now. Besides the Sagrada Familia, he has reproduced other works such as the Tower of Pisa and the Giralda of Sevilla. He has also made some frames carved in wood of different landscapes of Catalonia. The scale model of the Sagrada Familia is made of beech wood and is approximately of 105 x 105 cm base and 110 cm height. It took my father a whole year to finish it. As he has been working on it about 10 till 12 hours a day, I can assure you this scale model represents at least 5.300 hours of work. He made it in 1994 and one year later it was exhibited in the Sagrada Familia Temple, together with other works of several artists. The hardest part of the work consisted in the investigation and research of the documentation that was necessary to finish the scale model. Its construction was a challenge to my father, as it is impossible to find a building with a more varying game of structures and forms. He has always admired Gaudí's work, but from then on he has become a great aficionado. As for me, I started to appreciate the work of our architect when I was 11 years old, thanks to a collection of picture cards. I am a graphic designer and I love the field of artistic drawing - pen as well as black and white-. Me and my father we often comment details of his works, to which I can contribute my modest opinion.

Josep Ors

Your father really is a great artist, Josep! Thanks for sharing his work with us!!

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