In 2000 and again in 2002, I had this great opportunity to get to know the work of Gaudí in Barcelona. As an architect and a painter, my eyes were filled with indelible images and my sensibility turned into contemplation when I saw those marvellous works. Contemplating the Sagrada Familia from the outside is imposing, but once you enter, your admiration turns into silence as a result of the respect and astonishment that overwhelm you when you contemplate each element of this beautiful peace of art. Ascending the towers was an inenarrable experience; Barcelona at the feet of this amazing artist from the altitude of the Sagrada Familia. I can’t omit mentioning the Pedrera whit its own typical movement thanks to the complete absence of edges in its walls with vegetal and marine forms. The fantastic Casa Batlo, as if it were taken from a fairy tale, and Park Guell where the splendour of colours and forms fusing together invites you to contemplation and complete isolation. I hope to come back to Barcelona very soon and discover more wonders of Gaudí.

Congratulations from Colombia to the creators of this website. It’s artistic, instructive and recognizes the work of this great artist.

Sincerely yours, Gloria Segura Z.

Thanks a lot for your poetic words, Gloria!

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