Dear friends,
I am sending you a picture of a GAUDINIAN DOLL DONE WITH ENCAJES DE BOLILLOS (lacemaking). It’s 51 x 41 cm. and 300 bolillos (bobbins) approximately have been required to make it. The hair is in different shades of brown and it is surrounded with silk strings of different colours. The body and the arms are in a lighter brown. The threads are of the sewing-machine number 50 type, and a long cushion has been used.

The dress, though, has been done on a round cushion. It represents the vault of the column hall in Park Güell. All the little squares are surrounded in light beige and each one has been painted in different colours. There are 5 ranges of lilac colours, 5 of greens, 5 of blues and, in the center, the little squares are white, red, orange, yellow, in light browns and in dark browns.

I have invested two years in making this work (more than 3.000 hours)."

Concepció Moya, lacemaking teacher


Thanks a lot, Concepció!

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