André García

André is an architect who lives in Mexico but is of Catalan origin.

"Undoubtedly, due to the pleasure of being pleased by good architecture, I have recceived influence from Gaudí for a few of my works, I send them (or, you... no estoy seguro del contexto) photos of some of my works, I wish that they could be published."

A synthesis of what I have done could be:

Toll-houses on the principal freeways of the country, Discoteque and video-bar (with Gaudí's influence, as seen in the photos I send), Street and Bridges Office building, buildings in the Metropolitan Autonomic University."

These days, André is working on the project for the Juridic Culture House in Veracruz.

Thanks André!

All the pictures has copyright © André García

"Discoteca y videobar con influencia de Gaudí."

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