David "Pomper"
Last weekend I was in Catllaràs and could approach the Xalet Gaudí. The whole adventure to find it, ultimately after 7 km of forest way, we came there and I could take the last ones 3 instantaneous that I still had in camera.

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©David "Pomper"

Can be observed the current state of the posterior fachade in a general view and two details of the dormer-window of the main fachade.
Though it seems that the front is redressed in slate, it is not like that. They are a few plates of fiber covered with some kind of mineral and stuck directly to the front.

As you can see the chalet has suffered small modifications regarding the exterior aesthetics and this affects the romantic vision of the set that I had seeing photos of the construction epoch.

Anyhow it is striking to see this construction in the environment of a forest and to think that it was projected and built at the beginning of the 20th century.

I couldn't see the interior because this building belongs Pere Tarrés http://www.peretarres.org and I suppose that they use this building in summer as house of for children or trippers.

I have to say to you that an excursion up to there in bicycle or on foot as well is worth to do it.

Greetings to all!

David "Pomper"
Barcelona. Spain

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