Marcelo Marchese

I am a great admirer of Gaudí's work and his concept of form and space, I believe that when I have the opportunity to visit his work and especially the Sagrada familia I am going to remain with my mouth open, stiffly as a statue of marble of Carrara.

All pictures are copyrighted
©Marcelo Marchese

I am illustrative and cartoonist and live in Mendoza, a very beautiful province placed to the west of Argentina, at the bottom of The Andes.

This work is a part of a series of big Artists that I am doing. I send you one of Van Gohg which I had to do from his self-portraits.

In this work I wanted to represent the old Gaudí, being employed one night at the workshop of the crypt of the Sagrada Familia, at these special moments of inspiration, creating.

This drawing measures 100 cm par 70 cm, on cardboard, done in mixed skill: crayones, pastry and inks to generate this environment of semidarkness and textures of the walls, the board, the model and oil painting only for the lights.

Marcelo Marchese
Mendoza. Argentina.

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