We reproduce the letter sent to us by Leticia Garriga, member of our club, along with some beautiful photographs from her recent trip to Gaudí’s city.

Hello, I have been a member of the club for some years. I finally managed to visit Barcelona and some of the fantastic work of the architect A. Gaudí. My husband and I took some photographs wanting to always remember our time close to the magnificence of his genius and the malleability of his assistants who he guided and who carried out his wishes, the incredible workmen. I herewith send you a little something of what remained in my heart in images, of his wonderful city and that expression of the originality of Antonio Gaudí.

Congratulations for this space you inhabit, so full of blessings and beauty.


We live in La Paz, Baja California Sur, México. Affectionate regards from here.

Thank you for your collaboration Leticia!!!

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