We found Gaudi & Barcelona Club sit while searching information about Antonio Gaudi on the internet.

We - Ugis and Juris Krievins - are artists from Latvia. Our capital Riga is famous for its architecture. It has many buildings in Art Nouveau style which, however, differ from the Spanish, Gaudi one.

We have been working for ten years studying and developing our mastership in Art Nouveau style. We have wide range of activities - we generate ideas and carry out design projects, make furniture, stairs, etc.

We are intrested especially in Gaudi's Art Nouvau, his philosophy is the basis for our work. We would like to meet people sharing our ideas to carry out Gaudi philosophy.  We would lik to introduce Latvian people with ideas and work of Antonio Gaudi. 

We add some photos of our recent works.

Yours truly,
Ugis Krievins

Many thanks, Ugis!!!

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