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    In our day, there's no doubt about Antoni Gaudí's outstanding role in the field of architecture and contemporaneous esthetics. However, this recognition, which today seems to be so obvious to us, doesn't really come into being until the year 1956 as a result of the exposition “Gaudí”, organized by the association “ Amics de Gaudí” (“Friends of Gaudí”) and celebrated in the “Saló del Tinell” of Barcelona. Until then, his artistic persona had been ignored or had even suffered from criticisms from the sector that dominated the media; Gaudí was judged as “little functional”. The architect was only well-regarded by the people who surrounded him as well as by a few intellectuals or artists. Salvador Dalí was one of them.

    We have evident proofs about the (almost obsessive) interest and admiration Dalí has felt towards Gaudí as from childhood until the end of his life. Again, the ceremony “Dalí ante Gaudí” , featured by the painter from Ampurdán on September 29 th 1956 in Park Güell, confirms his commitment towards the architect. Besides, Dalí's involvement gave an important push to the Gaudinism at international level. In fact, that day Dalí met Gaudí in the middle of a visibly noteworthy and incomparable atmosphere. Dalí's more than laudable ambition was to help the “ Amics de Gaudí” to reach their goal of consolidating and diffusing the knowledge of the persona and work of the architect from Tarragona. More concretely, he also wanted to collect funds for the above mentioned exposition “ Gaudí” in the Tinell.

    The small exposition “Dalí in Park Güell” is inaugurated in the Gaudí Museum-House with the purpose to celebrate the Dalí Year, in commemoration of the bond the painter had created with Gaudí, so valuable for the diffusion and consolidation of the Gaudinism.