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  • German engineer, Jos Tomlow, presented the results of a structural study on Colónia Güell for its future restoration, thanks to the iniciative that North-Americans Cheryl and Emerson Martlage made public in the last Conferences. The Martlages were the next to participate, announcing their intention to construct another one of Gaudí's unrealized projects - the building for the Franciscan Missions in Tánger.

    Later, Josep María Tarragona showed photographs of one of Gaudí's unfinished works - the decoration of the "Salón de la Llotja de Barcelona" for the celebration of "Jocs Florals" (a Catalonian poetry contest) in 1907.

    Continuing, Japanese doctor-architect Tokutoshi Torii, spoke on the financial situation of Sagrada Familia from its begining up until 1936, using interesting tables and comparative graphs in his presentation.

    And, to finish off the Conferences, current Director of Construction at Sagrada Familia, Jordi Bonet, explained the displacement and restoration project of the Sagrada Familia Provisional Schools. This would be the final official act of the Conferences, as the planned debate between the speakers and public in attendance was unable to take place due to the lectures going on longer than planned.

    On Saturday morning, the Gaudinists met up in the center of Terrassa in order to walk the Modernist route of the city, especially visiting buildings constructed by architect Lluís Muncunill: "Masía Freixa", the City Hall, and the Joaquim Alegre Department Store.

    Next year, the date of the Gaudinian Conferences will change due to the 150th anniversary of Gaudí's birth which will be celebrated towards the end of June in Palma, Mallorca.

    Carlos Martínez

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