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    In Gaudí's drawings of the Passion Facade, he had planned for a bridge between the two central towers, on which would be placed a statue of Jesus Christ. Subirachs, whose work on the temple has entered its final stretch, has studied in detail what could be his last contribution to the facade. "After the four apostles which will be placed on the towers, the sculpture of the resurrected Christ, in the center, would be the composition's culmination," says the sculptor himself, while showing some preparatory sketches, which are part of the small treasure he stores in his binders.

    Subirachs has planned an 8-meter high sculpture which, because of its weight, would have to be made of metal (golden) and not stone. It would be an austere, stylized image of Jesus, dressed with a simple tunic and with his arms straight by his side. The figure would be hung from the bridge and offset to the left "to give a dynamic sensation." This piece, placed almost 60 meters high, would be the final point in the sculptural composition that, running from the base of the facade, provides a visual journey following the gospels through the passion and death of Jesus Christ, until the resurrection.

    Of the four apostles, in Italian travertine stone, which will be embedded in the towers of this facade, at about 45 meters high, there is one, representing St. Thomas, which is already in place. The figure of St. Bartholomew, 4.5 meters high like the rest, is being finished in the workshop and could be installed before year-end. Bartholomew has his face turned upwards, already gazing at that Christ which, at this time, is only a plan. The sculpture of St. James, which already has its own model, will be ready around next Easter, and the sculpture of St. Phillip, the last one, now only sketched on paper, is expected to be ready by the end of the year 2000.

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