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    Status of the Construction
    June 2001

    Columns that will support the trancept arches
    View of the interior of the nave from the Nativity Facade. The closer columns are the same ones as in the previous photo
    Colonnade and arches of the temple's naves. To the right you see the scaffolding where the construction of the trancept is taking place
    Pile of materials and column parts outside of the church's apse
    Access zone to the chorus tribunes from the Nativity Facade
    Pile of pre-made pieces for the window of the Passion Facade
    Metal structure (in form of an "A") to arm the upper part of the side windows of the central nave
    The same metal structure from the previous photo, but now positioned in its place (side, Nativity Facade)
    View of another part under construction with interior structure with base of metal profiles and corrugated steel bars

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