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All this pictures has Copyright
©Alberto Arredondo

Alberto has participated in our/your website sending pictures one or two times. Past 31th of December he was at Barcelona taking pictures from Sagrada Familia.

"Hello Gaudí Club,

I would be happy to allow you to use my photos in your article. Thanks for the complement.

I used Kodak gold 200 and of coursse I scanned them and did adjust the contrast, brightness, color balance, and saturation, but I tried to only reproduce what the print looks like, or if my memory (or perception) is different than the print, I enhance the photos to suit that.

But the mass photos are pretty faithful to the prints. The lighting, as you remember, along with the dusk and night-time sky really made for the incredible color contrasts.

I had to saturate or contrast digitally the photos from my visit of a few days before because that was a dreary day and the natural light wasn't that good then.

Thank you Alberto!

If you want to use this pictures, please, conctact him.
E-mail: alberto@ece.utexas.edu

Sagrada Familia: End of the Century

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