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How the contest works

The contest will be held from September-December 2002, in 8 stages -or issues- of 3 questions each. Each issue will include:

I. One question about Gaudí's life
II. One question related to one of the architect's works
III. One question about curious facts associated with Gaudí

For each question, contestants must choose a single correct answer from four possible options. The questions also allow for extensive commentary. The contest evaluation team can award up to 3 gaudins (points) for a well-defended response that the team considers valid.

Each stage only will be correct if all three questions have a correctly answer. For two stages, only those contestants who correctly answer all six questions will receive a prize.

At the same time, gaudins can be accumulated to obtain a special final prize, independent of the awards obtained in each stage.

Contest rules:

1. Participants must be members of the Gaudí & Barcelona Club. Free register.

2. Only one response will be accepted from each contestant for each set of questions. If more than one response is received from the same contestant for the same stage, the Gaudí & Barcelona Club will only accept the first response received.

3. One stage only will be correct if all three questions that compose it are guessed right. To gain every prize it's necessary to answer correctly two series.

4. The three questions that compose each stage will be sent out along with the Gaudí News newsletter, which is sent via e-mail to each club member. The Gaudí News will also publish the correct answers to the questions from the previous stage, along with an article that will feature explanations of the correct answers.

5. The most intelligently drafted written responses received from the contestants will be published on the Gaudí & Barcelona Club website, including the author's name.

6. At the discretion of the contest evaluation team, up to 3 gaudins (points) may be awarded for each comment that is considered correct.

7. In order for the evaluation team to take the optional comments into account, all three questions in that set must be answered correctly. In other words, a commentary will only be evaluated if all three answers are correct.

8. The winners of each stage will be published along with the Gaudí News. This entire process can also be followed on the Gaudí Club website.

9. Participants must respond within 7 days of the date on which the Gaudí News is sent.

Contest schedule:

First series: Friday 10/04/2002
Second series: Friday 10/18/2002
Third series: Friday 11/01/2002
Fourth series: Friday 11/15/2002
Fifth series: Friday 11/29/2002
Sixth series: Friday 12/13/2002
Seventh series: Friday 12/27/2002
Eighth series: Friday 01/03/2003


There are two types of prizes in the Gaudí Truth & Errors contest:

1. Prizes for two stages of correct answers.
2. Grand Prize, which is based on the total number of gaudins earned by each participant through the written commentaries (optional).


Prizes are accumulative and can be obtained answering correctly two complete series.

The participant who should answer two series - consecutive or not - correctly will gain a small rug for the mouse.

To all four series answered correctly: prize of the CD Gaudí, an universal artist.

To all six series answered correctly: prize of Calendar 2003 of the Gaudí i Barcelona Club.

To all eight series answered correctly: prize of a bottle Gaudí Homage Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine.


Writing commentaries in order to obtain gaudins (points) is optional. This allows contestants to obtain a different prize from the prizes corresponding to each stage.
Each well-defended response can obtain up to 3 gaudins. Therefore, up to 9 gaudins can be garnered in each stage if all three answers are correct and well defended. Please note: the commentaries will not be taken into account if the answers to all three questions are not correct.
The gaudins are cumulative, and will be added up at the end of the contest :

1 to 9 gaudins 10% discount for a purchase in the Gaudí shop
10 to 18 gaudins 15% discount for a purchase in the Gaudí shop
19 to 27 gaudins 20% discount for a purchase in the Gaudí shop
28 to 36 gaudins 25% discount for a purchase in the Gaudí shop
37 to 45 gaudins Park Güell Lizard modelled from clay
46 to 54 gaudins Alabaster scale model
55 to 63 gaudins Gaudí's bust
64 to 72 gaudins Check discount for a 5 hours tour